Character Junction

What is Character Junction?

In a day and age when the qualities of good character are under constant assault, Pastor Stevens developed this program to instill the qualities necessary to good citizenship. This one-year program teaches twelve primary character traits, one each month. The children, known as “Travelers” are encouraged to fully participate in all aspects of the program using a point system. Travelers are promoted throughout the program as they earn points.

The CJ Point System

The Travelers move from station to station, earning points along journey as they learn the character traits, memorize Scripture, and attend the Sunday school of their age group. Each Traveler earns points for knowledge, attendance, and bringing their lanyard each week.

When a Character Junction Traveler earns a total of 2,550 points, they are promoted to the next level. Promotions happen on the first Sunday of each month, and include a candy reward. A new level is achieved when the Traveler reaches 2,550 earned points.

  1. knowing the definition of character | 100 points each month
  2. knowing the definition of the character Scripture verses | 100 points each, once per month
  3. knowing the monthly character trait definition | 100 points each week
  4. knowing the monthly character trait Scripture verse | 100 points each week
  5. attendance in the Sunday morning services | 100 points each week
  6. bringing the CJ lanyard and card to church | 50 points each week

The Character Junction lanyard cards for each character trait