Requirements for Membership

There are two requirements for membership in a baptist church like Calvary Baptist Church:

  • a person must be born again. The basic Biblical criteria for church membership is being born again
  • a person must have been scripturally baptized after they were born again. We define scriptural baptism as that baptism which has been administered by the authority that Jesus gave to His church. We believe that Baptist churches are the only churches who can trace their lineage back to the church that Jesus built while on this earth. We believe that of necessity, scriptural baptism must be Baptist baptism

Receiving of Members

How does Calvary Baptist Church receive members?

  • by baptism – any person that is scripturally saved may be scripturally baptized by the authority of Calvary Baptist Church. Following such action, that person is a member of Calvary Baptist Church
  • by letter – we receive members who have been scripturally saved and scripturally baptized in another Baptist church of like faith and order. We secure a letter from that church stating that the candidate was a member of that church in good standing
  • by statement – in the rare case where a letter cannot be secured from the other church, we consider accepting a person upon their testimony of scriptural salvation and scriptural baptism

Presenting Oneself for Baptism

How does a person present themselves for church membership at Calvary Baptist Church?

  • any person who has been born again is encouraged to present themselves to the church for scriptural baptism. During the invitation time at the end of any regular church service, walk to the front and tell the pastor of your desire to be baptized. He will instruct you what to do
  • if you have been saved and baptized, make an appointment with the pastor to discuss both your testimony of salvation and your baptism. The pastor will need to determine if that baptism meets the criteria of scriptural baptism that would be received by Calvary Baptist Church. If it does, then you would join by letter. If not, then you would need to be baptized at Calvary Baptist Church

We understand that sometimes the issue of baptism is a difficult one. We recognize that the head of Calvary Baptist Church is the Lord Jesus Christ and that the Holy Spirit puts people into the body; therefore, our role is to do that which we believe would best please our Lord. Anyone who believes it is the will of God for them to join Calvary Baptist Church should understand that God knows what the requirements for membership are and, therefore, should be willing to submit to the authority of the church and will of the Saviour

Reasons to Consider Church Membership

Here are some of the reasons to consider becoming part of the Calvary Baptist Church family

… you will hear God’s Word preached in every service

… we believe the Bible is the very words of God

… we believe God’s Word has been perfectly preserved in the English language

… we believe the Bible contains all man needs to know in order to fulfill his created purpose 

… you will receive help in leading your family

… our church seeks to please God above all others

… continuity in leadership. Pastor Stevens has served at Calvary Baptist Church for over 25 years

… our church is home to the Calvary Baptist Christian Academy, a traditional K5-12th grade school

… a key part of our church ministries is an active teen program that is designed to foster right living

… the music ministry of Calvary Baptist Church has as its primary goal to move the heart of God

… Calvary Baptist Church recognizes a mandate from God to preach the gospel to every creature:

  • we believe in and practice door-to-door visitation
  • we heartily support and promote an active bus ministry
  • we have an extensive missions program, involving the support of both foreign and home missionaries and church planters
  • we believe God’s Word has been perfectly preserved in the English language in the King James Bible, Authorized Version
  • we believe the Bible contains all man needs to know in order to fulfill his created purpose