Church Planting

Church Planting

Perhaps the most prominent mark of a thriving church is its ability to give birth to other churches. Calvary Baptist Church takes the matter of Scripturally planting other churches very seriously.

Our Church Planting and Home Missions Conference is held annually following Thanksgiving. The primary purpose of this conference is to encourage and help church planters and their families “along their journey”. Our church family works all year to prepare and plan for this event and it is the highlight of our year. Attendees always find this time of fellowship relaxing, enjoyable, and helpful. They describe it as a time to “recharge the batteries” and leave more encouraged than when they arrived.

2022 Church Planting and Home Missions Conference

November 28-29, 2022

Starting at 5:30 p.m. with dinner in Simpson Hall on the Church Campus — for all attendees

REGISTER HERE — so we know you are coming — NO COST

Our church plants other churches

We are privileged to currently be the sponsoring church for two other churches in California:

  • Blessed Baptist Church of Suisun, CA
  • Faith Baptist Church of Wheatland, CA